Thailand Update

By Chelsea Mae Cullen
09 September 2017
Category: Travel

Hello everyone. 

Well I'm finally writing an update. To tell you the truth Ive had a few attempts but they haven't made it to your screen!
In so many ways I don't really know what to write. We have now been in Thailand for nearly three months. 

It feels like we have been here way longer, but also cant believe how quickly time has gone and that we will be home in a very short time. 

We had a surprisingly smooth few flights over. My cousin works at Air New Zealand and was able to upgrade our... Continue reading

Tropical Green Smoothie

By Chelsea Mae Cullen
20 February 2017
Category: Recipes

A few months ago I started getting obsessed with green smoothies. My mum gave me some barely grass powder and pretty soon I was adding it to every smoothie I made. I didn't really enjoy the taste at first, but it definitely grew on me.

Added to that I bought what Id heard was 'the best' spirulina from iHerb (link Continue reading

Tags: Smoothie green smoothie raw vegan

Yellow Thai Vegetable Curry

By Chelsea Mae Cullen
20 February 2017
Category: Recipes

If someone were to ask what my favourite meal is, it would either be Green curry from our local Thai Restaurant, or this Yellow curry. 
So you could say that I like curries.
In all honesty though, this is one of the best curries I have ever had. I really could, (and have) had it night after night on occasion (poor Nick!) because it is that good!
Packed full of vegetables and oozing with flavour, it's the perfect meal for summer or winter. 

This recipe is adapted from Earthy Andy's Continue reading

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Love birds and Wedding invitations

By Chelsea Mae Cullen
19 October 2015
Category: Illustration

Love is in the air!

Uh, weddings are great right? People declaring to love one another for a life time, committing to that special one. It makes me both excited for them and a little sad that that time has past for me.... the flutter and excitement of planning and anticipation, but I do much prefer to actually be married!

I had the opportunity to design a wedding invite and reception card for an old friend of mine, Hannah. 

Hannah has been a friend since high school, and Daniel her fiance grew up in the church Nick... Continue reading

Attempting sewing

By Chelsea Mae Cullen
13 May 2015
Category: Creations

So my mum bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, and I've been doing a little bit here and there when I get the time. 

Before Riley was born I swore Id never buy her any garish or brightly coloured toys... I feel mean saying it, but I just hate the aesthetic of them and I really don't want that kinds of thing in my house.

I thought id have a go at making something for her, so I ended up with a little whale. 

I do NOT find sewing easy mind you, I've broken so many needles, and have come away crying and spit... Continue reading

Tags: sewing toys

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