Watercolour Portrait Pricing

Watercolour Portratis are available as either A5 or A4 (or larger by request)

Prices are as follows:

A5 Paper size:

$60 for one person, additional people $25 each. (Up to three people due to paper size)


A4 Paper size:

$100 for one person, additional people $25 each.


Custom background: (Mountains, ocean, wedding location etc.)

$15 extra


Weddings Portraits $150 (due to details)


Postage is $10 (NZ and international)


To make things a bit easier, and to cover costs associated with international sales (I am based in NZ) I have decided to have one price system regardless of buying location, either in NZD, AUD, or USD.

So if you are buying from America or Canada, the above prices are in USD.

If from Australia they are in AUD, and from New Zealand, NZD.


For example if you are from the States and you want an A4 Painting with three people and a custom background that will be $150 USD plus $10 shipping. ($100 + 25  + 25 + 10 = $160)


Payment is either by paypal or direct bank deposit.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions